Kaab Technologies awarded contract to provide RFID Technology at major industrial project

Kaab Technologies, LLC was recently awarded a contract through Adah International, Inc. to provide RFID technology at a major machine installation project in Barnwell, SC.  

Adah will be responsible for the material handling, logistics and container yard management of Siempelkamp machines and parts on site of the Swiss Krono MDF/HDF plant expansion.  
Kaab was subsequently contacted to create a simple but effective RFID system to track over 700 containers and 30,000 freight tons of break bulk manufacturing equipment for Adah. 
“This is the perfect opportunity to debut Kaab’s affordable RFID systems,” said Kirk Atkinson, Kaab co-founder and managing director. “Any project this large and complex provides opportunities for costly mistakes. We’re confident our system will save us time and money by mitigating misplaced assets and inventory, and most of all keeping our customers happy.”
The RFID technology deployed onsite will identify and locate arriving, stored and departing containers and materials. The combination of passive tags, mobile and fixed readers and secure cloud data storage, allows complete, real-time visibility of inventory and assets.
“RFID is our flagship technology,” said Mark Becnel, Kaab co-owner and technical director. “As we build everything inhouse and offer subscription based pricing, more small and medium companies like Adah can afford the technology necessary to operate in the Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory era.”

About Kaab Technologies, LLC.
Kaab Technologies designs, manufactures and installs advanced technology products for industrial and commercial applications. The company was founded in 2017 by aerospace engineers and automotive project managers with the ultimate goal of enabling companies to afford advanced technology.

About Adah International, Inc.
Adah is an industrial project management company with over 30 years’ experience in assisting both foreign and domestic companies with construction and logistics management, operations rollout and talent development throughout Europe and the Americas.