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Kaab Technologies designs, manufactures and installs smart technology products for industrial and commercial applications.

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Why Kaab Technologies?

Kaab Technologies offers subscription-based systems to clients at a cost point drastically lower than others. This allows small- and medium-sized operations access to previously unaffordable technology.

Our combined hardware and software license puts all the costs out in the open, providing accurate assessments of ROI and easy deployment.

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Kaab Technologies flagship product is RFID systems. Kaab RFID offers the following benefits:

Real Time
Asset Tracking

4 Software Configurations

Cloud-Based Data or Customer Hosted VM

Subscription-Based Pricing

RFID Software

Our software suite includes node firmware for different operating modes as well as a robust database on the back end. Asset information, including time-stamped location, is exportable to an existing ERP program or viewable through a web application. Easily access your data through a PC or mobile device.


  • Asset Search
  • Historical Search
  • Email and SMS Alerts
  • Real Time System Monitoring
  • Expandable System
  • Military Grade Security
  • Easy Data Access and Export

RFID Operating Modes

All operating modes run on the same set of readers and antennas. This provides flexibility for your facility and allows for a faster implementation of RFID, as a node only needs a new firmware flash to operate in the mode best for your facility. We can incorporate our software with your existing readers and business management suite, or provide a stand-alone system with readers, tags, and a database based on 900-MHz ISM RFID Tags.



With a forklift scan, your factory scans inventory during normal traffic.

Scan totes and items when being loaded or retrieved, even 6 pallet racks stories high.

Inventory management has never been easier!

Zone Monitor

Zone Monitor

Any tags that are read get recorded in the database.

Mounted from a pillar or overhead, facility operators now have digital eyes helping track the movement of goods.

One node can cover approximately 10,000 ft^2 of an indoor or outdoor facility.

Yard Scan

Yard Scan

For your outdoor assets, we'll scan from your vehicles.

Tag scans are correlated with GPS data and saved to your database.

Save time and labor finding misplaced assets outdoors.

Gate Monitor

Gate Monitor

Track tagged items as they move in and out of a gate.

Alert when specific tools or other assets leave the door or gate for longer than expected.

With the ability to process hundreds of tags a second, no inventory can slip through the cracks.

Kaab UV

The Kaab Unmanned Vehicles are currently in development to provide autonomous movement of inventory and assets within operations or the supply chain quickly, via land or air, safely and without the added costs of extra personnel and equipment.


Kaab VR

The Kaab Virtual Reality system can be used to simulate, demonstrate new processes, layouts or equipment before making such large investments. It can also be used by technicians and managers to remotely view and troubleshoot operations and equipment.